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Building a flash website

Build a flash website using the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator

  • Build Visuals, multimedia, entertainment and an interactive website.
  • Use Dynamic Site Creator to build a Flash website
  • No technical Knowledge required
Build your flash website now

Create a dynamic and more interactive website with the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator

Dynamic Site Creator explained

The 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator explained

The 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator allows you to build flash websites. This turns your ordinary website into an extraordinary one. Applying and using the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator is just as easy as using the 1&1 Website Builder. It lets you work with animated graphics, more interactive menus, sounds, videos and more such fascinating Flash applications. All of these will add a spark to your website to make it more interactive and entertaining. Visually enhance your website with Flash feature that the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator provides you. Just like with the 1&1 Website Builder you choose from pre-programmed templates, colours and graphics. All of this is possible without knowing anything about website programming! Let the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator make your website flashier!

Build your flash website now
creating flash without coding

The knowledge required to create flash animation

Like already stated, there are no programming skills or knowledge required to use the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator. 1&1 provides you with the opportunity to create a flash website the easy way instead of the difficult flash coding that is usually required to create such websites. The 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator offers you up to 20 different template styles and 10 colour schemes to pick from with a further 20 visual options and 3 different navigation options. Choose and customise your favourite 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator features to build a perfect website for your purposes. Add your content and extra website add-ons like a contact form, guestbook or a search bar. Adjust any features at anytime you wish. Let the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator help you build your flash website in a matter of a few steps.

Personal Website MyWebsite Personal
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Everything you need to start your personal website. Choose your topic and you are ready to go!

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Business Website MyWebsite Business
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Your business website ready in minutes. Professional templates for your industry. Customize it the way you want.

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building a flash animated site

Why should I even consider building a website with flash?

In the visual and multimedia world we live it is important to meet the demands of your website visitors. They want to see multimedia and interact with your website. The more multimedia, entertainment and interaction you can offer on your website the more appealing your website will be to the online community. Use the 1&1 Dynamic Site Creator to do exactly this. Boost your search engine SEO ranking. Logically, the more you offer of what your visitors want, the more will view your website!

Build your flash website now